Peru, Miami, Africa!  When not traveling around the world for client business, BioTeknica team members can be found reaching out to local and global communities, helping to make a difference.

Beautifying the Community with Habitat for Humanity

Recently, 11 BioTeknica Team members and their families joined Habitat for Humanity of Greater Miami in Goulds, Florida, for its Blitz Build.  All-day, these formidable associates worked under the hot Florida sun landscaping and beautifying 10 houses for some deserving families.  The sun didn’t melt the enthusiasm and bubbling camaraderie of the team; they kept their spirits up by hydrating and laughing throughout the day.

Getting ready to remove sod from the pallet!
Beautifying the community, one house at a time!

Let’s Go to Peru!

BioTeknica has a tradition of helping poor, underserved people without necessities such as water and electricity and little access to medical and dental services.  Here’s how they helped impact the lives of hundreds of Peruvians.A team of BioTeknica volunteers headed by Principal Braulio Ortiz, his wife, Silvia, coordinator for the Miami/USA volunteer team, sons Mychal and Matthew, and Director of Business Development Ebony Daniels Sanon went to Peru to provide medical care to the underserved people of Pamplona, Peru, on the outskirts of Lima.
Hundreds of people patiently waiting for medical services
They helped coordinate services to improve access to healthcare for pregnant women, malnourished children suffering from upper respiratory infections, diarrhea, and parasitic diseases, and the elderly who suffer from chronic and debilitating diseases, including blindness and osteoarthritis.
Braulio (white cap) helping to build a community wall to prevent mudslides from engulfing the homes in the background
“We are humbled by this experience and the unusual gratitude shown to us by these special people who show love, patience, humility, endurance, and hope, despite the harsh living conditions,” said Braulio.
Braulio directing teams and patients to appropriate care
Women and children received care packages of food and clothing

Arts & Crafts at Lotus House Shelter

BioTeknica Team Volunteers at Lotus House Shelter
Guess who tapped into their inner child for a fun night of arts and crafts with some very deserving children?BioTeknica team members had a blast getting creative and hanging out with some very cool underserved children. The company partnered with South Florida-based Little Lighthouse Foundation, a nonprofit whose mission is to positively impact underserved children who reside at the Lotus House, a Miami shelter that serves homeless women and children.Word spread quickly at the Lotus House and over 60 children joined BioTeknica principals Ruben Capo, Julie Larsen, and Braulio Ortiz and other team members to create and paint ornaments. The children’s parents heard about the fun activities and participated as well. BioTeknica shirts were handed out and much fun was had by everyone.
Top left to right, BioTeknica team members Winston Suarez, Josee Fauteux, and Katherine Shuckhart
Top left, Rawan Byloun, Lotus House; BioTeknica team, L to R, Braulio Ortiz, Winston Suarez, Tony Sharma, Lenita Sims Spears
L to R, Ebony Sanon, Director, Business Development, and Principal Julie Larsen

Sending Much Needed Food to West Africa

Later this year, BioTeknica will be one of several organizations scheduled to help package over 30,000 meals for people in Burkina Faso, West Africa.
Burkina Faso, West Africa
BioTeknica is helping to provide meals to thousands of people in Burkina Faso, West Africa through the Helping Hands Program supported by Catholic Relief Services (CRS), a nonprofit humanitarian aid organization that helps poor people overseas by responding to emergencies, poverty, and health crises.According to CRS, Burkina Faso suffers from cyclical droughts and flooding and most people depend on subsistence farming, making it difficult to grow food or earn a living during times of a natural disaster. Currently, there is not enough food in the country to feed all who are hungry. This program also teaches the people in Burkina Faso more innovative farming methods and skills so they can earn better incomes.
This will be BioTeknica’s fifth year participating in this event.